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Kitchens have always been a testing ground for new technology and the latest ideas and innovation are changing the way we use our kitchen and the way we purchase, store, prepare and cook food. Here we showcase some of the latest innovation and the coolest new ideas.

Cool Drawers

Why rely just on your fridge to keep items cold? Why not incorporate a fridge or freezer drawer into your perfect kitchen? These easily accessible Cool Drawers are the latest technology and can be used to store everything from beers and cold drinks though to dairy products and fruit. One of the great things about these refrigerator drawers is that they’re cabinet-depth, so they can be tucked in unobtrusively, freeing up other parts of the kitchen. The only downside is that this innovation comes at a high cost (that’s an understatement). Most often they’re used as fridge supplements that hold drinks and produce, and allow the main fridge to be a bit less monstrous.

Steam Ovens

Steam ovens cook food much faster than conventional ovens and they help food to retain its nutrients and flavour. This oven combines steam and convection modes with a series of pre-set programmed recipes so that all you have to do is put the food in — the oven does the work of figuring out which modes to apply to get the best results. You can even tell the oven what time you want your dish to be ready, and it will turn on and adjust the cooking process as necessary to finish at exactly the right moment.

Instant Hot Water Taps

A boiling water tap is a much more permanent addition to your kitchen than a conventional kettle or plug-in hot water dispenser, as it needs to be plumbed in alongside or even instead of your standard kitchen sink taps. The main advantage is that they provide hot water much more quickly and easily than a kettle. They also make it much easier to add just the amount of water you need - you simply keep the tap on until your mug or pan is full, and no further - so there shouldn't be any wasted water.

The most obvious disadvantage one is cost. The cheapest boiling water taps cost a couple of hundred pounds, and those that can dispense water at different temperatures will set you back a lot more than that. Not all boiling water taps come with installation included in the price. Although you can install them yourself, it's not necessarily straightforward, so you may need to factor in the cost of getting a plumber in. You also need to clean the tap and tank from time to time to keep them free of limescale, and change the filters.

Touch & Swipe Controls

Induction cooking, which heats via electromagnetic field instead of through radiant heat, is all the rage because it’s speedy and allows you masterful control over simmering. And now smartphone-inspired touch-and-swipe controls make the connection between you and your cooktop element even more intuitive — just drag your finger around the arc to adjust the heat for each zone as you cook.

Cool Extractor Fans

These cool built-in countertop extractor fans, are state-of-the-art downdraft ventilation, part of the latest Gaggenau Vario modular cooktops. This highly efficient system comes with flaps that cover the suction opening when not in use, for a sleek uniform countertop. The flaps remain open for a few seconds after you switch the vent off.