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The Kitchen Compare website is owned and run by Insight Retail Group Ltd (IRG), a market intelligence agency for the Home Improvement Industry that also runs the consumer facing price comparison website Bathroom Compare.

The Compare websites are dedicated to helping consumers save time and money during the process of researching for high value home improvement projects such as new kitchens and bathrooms. These projects are almost always complicated and require a significant investment in personal time, project management and ultimately cost. There are often many decisions to be made including the choice of colours, styles, functionality, how to finance the project and most importantly where to buy from and who is going to install and complete the final project.

Our mission is to help consumers make the right decisions during this process, when investing in their homes and we aim to do this by delivering independent and transparent advice.

Sources Of Information

The information we provide through our Compare websites is obtained from a number of sources, including publicly available information obtained from the featured retailers and suppliers. This information is extracted from websites, from in-store prices and printed promotional material available from physical stores and from other printed sources including retailers' national press and TV adverts. The products, attributes and prices of the specific items featured are obtained and checked on a regular basis across each of the featured retailers.

Sources Of Revenue

Whilst the IRG business is built on the growing consumer thirst for inspiration, independent price comparisons and unbiased information, our revenue is generated through kitchen retailers purchasing our market intelligence data, but our pricing and quality reviews are independent of our commercial relationship with the kitchen retailers.

IRG also owns and runs the website Insight DIY, delivering the latest, breaking news, essential market intelligence, in-depth analysis, insight and commentary for the UK Home Improvement and Gardening Industry.