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Wren Kitchens is a privately owned British based designer, manufacturer, and retailer of kitchens. The company has over 90 showrooms in the United Kingdom, and its headquarters is in Barton-Upon-Humber in North Lincolnshire, England. They have expanded rapidly in recent years and have committed to opening more new stores in the next year.

Buying a Kitchen From Wren Kitchens

Wren offer a range of kitchens in different styles and colour options plus a design service across all stores to assist you with your purchase. To find where the closest Wren showroom is to your location, click the Kitchen Showrooms button. Wren provide a range of finance options including Interest Free Credit, Buy Now Pay Later & Standard Interest Bearing Finance. For further information on current deals and to compare against other retailers finance offerings please click the Kitchen Finance button.

Additional items for your kitchen such as appliances, taps, sinks & worktops are also available. Wrens' kitchen promotion strategy of 'High/Low' means they run regular promotions throughout the year. Wren also provide their own installation service. It takes between 3 - 7 weeks to have your kitchen delivered depending on whether it is fitted by Wren. Delivery is free of charge.

Key Statistics

Below are some key statistics about Wren showing the current number of kitchen ranges on offer and how many showrooms they have across the UK. The Kitchen Compare Average Quality Score is calculated by looking at 22 individual features and is scored out of 10. Please go to the Compare Quality page for more information on the features used.

  • No. of Kitchen Ranges75
  • Average Quality Score7.5
  • UK Showrooms105

Pricing Strategy

Wrens' pricing strategy of 'High/Low' across their ranges means that they heavily promote at various times throughout the year which is usually seen in a Half Price sale. You'll never know the true value of your kitchen with this promotional strategy as we find standard prices are inflated to provide the levels of discount seen which are still usually higher than the 'Every Day Low Price' retailers.

Wren Kitchens

Search the full range of Wren kitchens below.

What Next?

Now that you are more informed about Wren we have provided some handy links for the next phase of your new kitchen. Book An Appointment will take you through to Wrens' booking service where you can arrange for your local showroom to get in touch. Download Brochure will give you the latest Wren Kitchen Brochure. Visit Website will take you through to the Wren website.