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Improve your kitchen without breaking the bank – Part 1

The start of 2022 has been tough on many. News bulletins continue to announce increasing energy bills, rising food costs and the pressure to increase National Insurance contributions, so when it comes to planning home improvements the dream of a brand-new kitchen may need to go on hold.

If money is tight, the first thing to ask yourself is whether you really need to start from scratch, or whether a few clever updates might be enough to give your kitchen a new lease of life. If you do decide to go ahead and install a completely new kitchen, there are still ways to save money. The most important and most cost-effective is to work with your existing layout rather than strip everything out and start again as this will avoid the costly task of rerouting plumbing and wiring.

Most homeowners work to a budget but with these being forever squeezed, it’s worthwhile looking around for clever ideas for quick, easy, and affordable updates.

Below are a few that can make a real difference:

Lick Of Paint:

The simplest way to refresh and update is to grab some masking tape, a roller and tray and some brushes. Paint instantly lightens and brightens up a tired space. Apply a couple of coats of a soft neutral or bright white to walls, ceiling, door and window frames and skirting boards and immediately you’ll appreciate the difference.

Cabinet Makeover:

Why stop at walls and woodwork? If your kitchen cabinets are structurally sound but feel a bit dated, you could paint or replace the doors and drawers for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire set of units. Add some new handles and the cabinets will feel completely different - from brushed brass to satin, chrome to matt black, there really is a finish to suit every kitchen.

Whether your cabinets are timber or laminate, there’s a paint product to suit – just remember to apply a primer first. Most kitchen cabinets are a standard size so it’s easy to buy doors and fit those to the existing carcasses. The finish can instantly change the feel of the whole space, from matt to high gloss or wood to acrylic – a new cabinet door is an impactful way to make a style statement. If you are concerned about painting the doors yourself, find a kitchen spray-painting service. This may still be less expensive than replacing all the doors.

Remove Cabinet Doors:

Assuming the cabinet carcasses are sound, consider removing some of the floor or wall level cabinet doors altogether. This will create simple, open shelving for an airy, more modern look and feel. You could paint or paper the insides of the cabinets for added interest or, if you’re not so keen on the fully open look, get some curtains made of your favourite fabric to bring a touch of colour and style into the room.

Create A Feature Wall:

Wallpaper is very much on trend and a great way to add colour and vibrancy and breathe life back into a tired, old kitchen. A fully wallpapered kitchen may be a little too much. Choose the most prominent wall, a feature wall, and cover it in a stunning design. Make sure you choose wallpaper that is specially designed for the kitchen, so it is heat and steam resistant. If your feature wall includes the area behind the hob or sink, protect your wallpaper from splashes and stains by fixing a clear glass splashback over the top which is easy to wipe down.

Create A Noticeboard With Chalkboard Paint:

Guaranteed to be a talking point, get creative and use chalkboard paint to create a feature wall. Whether full wall, part wall or simply the back of the door, specialist black paint designed to be drawn or written on will provide a great personal touch. Not only does it give any children the perfect place to entertain themselves and keep busy, but it can also be a useful family planner, organic shopping list or just a way of leaving messages for the rest of the household.

More affordable ideas to follow in our next blog including worktops, flooring, wall art and tiles. Watch this space!

31st Jan 2022