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Welcome to the Kitchen Compare Blog. Here we introduce you to many of the key sections of the website, focused on saving you time and money in the search for your dream kitchen. Don't forget to check back regularly for new posts.

  • 26th Jun 2023

    Guide to kitchen finance deals

    The phrase ‘cost-of-living crisis’ has, sadly, become common place. Most feel as though the cost-of-living crisis has already lasted an age. For well over a year now, prices have been rising at the fastest rate in decades and most wages aren’t keeping up. Households have seen a real hit to their bank balances and that is set to continue in the coming months. Inflation remained stubbornly high in May and food prices continue to rise by more than double the rate of inflation. The Bank of England has responded by increasing interest rates putting further pressure on those with mortgages.

  • 12th Jun 2023

    Outdoor eating & entertaining spaces.

    Recent weather has been glorious. Summer holidays are approaching. Time to relax, unwind, and enjoy outdoor entertaining. So many months of the year we’re confined to eating and entertaining inside, so when the opportunity arises, let’s make the most of it!

  • 29th May 2023

    Which style of cabinet will suit your new kitchen?

    A lot happens in the kitchen! From rushed breakfasts first thing in the morning to family meals in the evening, from sharing a cup of tea with a neighbour to a glass of wine with a group of friends, the kitchen is the activity hub of the home. It goes without saying that the kitchen needs to both look good and work hard so when renovating or planning a new kitchen it is key to put in the research to make sure you end up with the ideal kitchen that suits your budget.

  • 15th May 2023

    Easy and cost-effective ways to refresh – using pattern.

    The kitchen is one of the more heavily used rooms in the house – a space that is used regularly throughout the day for preparing, cooking, eating, doing laundry, socialising, even working or studying. For this reason, neutral tones are often chosen in the kitchen for walls, floors, cabinets, and worktops as they are timeless, and let’s be honest, inoffensive.

  • 24th Apr 2023

    How to create a calm, stress-free kitchen.

    April is stress awareness month. One of the key things we can all do to help combat
    stress is to look at the part our homes and interiors play a part in reducing and managing stress in our everyday lives.

  • 10th Apr 2023

    Easy and cost-effective ways to refresh …. a dark kitchen

    The kitchen is the central hub of most homes and the one room where we spend a lot of time. Mornings and evenings, when there is a lack of natural light, are times when the kitchen can feel particularly dark. But all is not lost. There are many ways to lighten up a dark room … and the kitchen is no exception.

  • 27th Mar 2023

    Use of metallics in the kitchen

    A popular trend that never seems to go out of style is adding metallic finishes in the kitchen, creating a fresh, modern look that can give the room a sleek, unique finish. Most, if not all, kitchens incorporate some form of metallic elements into their design usually via the tap and/or handles.

  • 13th Mar 2023

    Step by step guide to spring cleaning your kitchen.

    As we officially head into Spring and with a little more time on our hands than usual, what better opportunity is there than to give your kitchen and utility room (if you have one) a decent spring clean. As the hub of most homes, kitchens are often the hardest to keep clean and tidy and, by default, are left to last when it comes to a deep clean.

  • 27th Feb 2023

    Designing a low maintenance kitchen – Part 2

    Designing a low maintenance kitchen is often high on the wish-list for those renovating or installing one. After all, who wants to spend more time than necessary cleaning and maintaining the kitchen! Our January blog explored the importance of low maintenance worktops and splashbacks as well as different options for cabinets and flooring. This follow-on blog focuses on the best paints, sinks, appliances, and waste disposal to achieve that easy-to-maintain kitchen.

  • 13th Feb 2023

    Guide to kitchen wall décor – Part 2

    Last month’s blog focused on alternative coverings for kitchen walls beyond standard paint and tiles and explored specialist wallpaper, panelling and in-jet printed tiles.

  • 30th Jan 2023

    Designing a low maintenance kitchen – Part 1

    The kitchen is the heart of most homes and one of the hardest rooms in the house to keep clean. So much happens in the kitchen – prepping, cooking, eating, socialising, relaxing – it’s no wonder there’s a lot of cleaning and tidying to do. From crumbs, spillages and grease to dust, dirt, and stains, it never ends!

  • 16th Jan 2023

    Guide to kitchen wall décor – Part 1

    Tiles and paint were once the only products found on kitchen walls.

    But times have changed.