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Guide to kitchen wall décor – Part 2

Last month’s blog focused on alternative coverings for kitchen walls beyond standard paint and tiles and explored specialist wallpaper, panelling and in-jet printed tiles.

However, in cases where walls are painted, there are numerous ways to visually expand your space to bring in a sense of warmth, personality, and interest. These options don’t have to be expensive, in fact, many are cost-effective as well as creative.

Bare brick:

An exposed brick wall is perfect for period and contemporary homes. Either strip it back to its original state, or if the bricks aren't in good shape, opt for brick slips. Brick slips are thin slices of brick that can be added retrospectively to walls, to create the look of a bare brick wall. To add warmth, hang and display plants in colourful pots.

Display plates/hangings:

Once considered fussy and traditional, plates displays are back on trend. The display can look extremely striking and funky – if the plates are the right ones. Choose colourful plates with the same colour tone or collect plates of different shapes and sizes. This is a budget friendly way to put your stamp on a space and create something completely unique. Another option is a beautiful wall hanging which will make a statement – either purchase or make your own using wooden dowels, fabric glue and string. Easy to change whenever you want.

Frame wallpaper:

You may feel covering an entire wall with wallpaper in the kitchen is too much, but if you like the idea of utilising stunning wallpaper designs then try framing small sections instead. Framed samples of vintage wallpaper make for interesting alternative artwork that can tie in colour choices that feature throughout the rest of the kitchen. Cost-effective and easy to replace, framed wallpaper makes for an easy statement piece.

Tile creations:

Use mismatched tiles to add colour and pattern, arranging them to make a visually interesting feature. Consider arranging tiles in a herringbone pattern to add a pop of interest, This is a great way to introduce colour into a kitchen décor scheme while including texture and interest.

Timely decor:

A talking piece which is both practical and decorative in the kitchen is an overly large clock. A real statement, a clock on the wall by an eating area helps keep all members of the family on track.

Metallic elements:

As an alternative to tiles, consider using metal sheeting to bring a metallic element into your kitchen – copper or brass are both very much on trend and add warmth, while steel lends itself to a more modern and industrial look. A self-adhesive metallic finish glass splashbacks above the sink or hob creates a statement feature and is easy to maintain – plus, no need for grout or tile adhesive.

Open shelving:

If you have lots of glassware and crockery why not make a display by opting for open shelving that covers an entire wall of your kitchen. Not only will this mean everything you need is to hand, but it will also create an impressive display on your wall, and one that can easily be changed to suit your style.

13th Feb 2023