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Essential ingredients for creating the perfect industrial style kitchen

Last month’s blog focussed on creating the perfect country kitchen look. This month the focus is the industrial kitchen – a style far removed from the country kitchen but one that is equally popular and very much on trend

Well established in coffee shops, restaurants and gastro pubs up and down the country, the love of the industrial look keeps going strong. It’s easy to put together and is sturdy in design meaning it can easily take the knocks of family living whilst looking good - from matt black taps to warm metallics and striking lights, this style is very accessible and appeals to many.

Start by searching through magazines and surfing websites. Print off or cut out images that appeal, gather both colour and texture swatches and create your own personalised mood board. Mood boards can be a useful way of gathering your preferences all together in the one place before you start wandering around showrooms

Top tips for creating your perfect industrial style kitchen:

  • Begin by choosing mineral hues for walls; shades of greys, inky blues, plaster pinks and greens work well. Then layer up the look with plenty of rough and raw texture - scaffold planks, concrete, exposed bare brick, scrubbed wooden floors, the types of surfaces you’d expect to see in an industrial space like an old warehouse.
  • The use of open shelving is one of the simplest ways to bring the urban bistro element into your kitchen design. However, there is no escaping the fact that adequate storage is still important. Combining utilitarian black metal supports with wood shelves and matt cabinetry can create an effortlessness look that is easy to live with. It also provides the opportunity to show off your favourite matt metal accessories and unglazed earthenware.
  • Then incorporate copper. This metal is a sure-fast way to shout industrial chic! Synonymous with the look, copper accents never go out of style so it’s worth investing in pots and pans to hang over an island or range cooker or perhaps downlighters or cabinet handles.

  • When it comes to furniture, solid wood is always a good bet. A chunky dining table is a good option whether your scheme is ultra-modern or more traditional urban. Satin black metal legs work particularly well with oiled solid wood and consider the functionality of your pieces – choose a dining table that can work equally as well as a desk.

  • Mixing metal finishes is effective. Satin or matt black finishes work well on accessories in any industrial scheme as does brass or steel. Taps with simple U shapes or bars stools and dining tables with hair pin metal legs make for stylish easy updates.

  • Lighting can also add to the industrial feel. Hang a single pendant light or row of three above your kitchen island or dining table - weathered brass chains and filament exposed bulbs add extra kudos

And finally… keep your styling quite minimal. This look doesn’t work with too many knick-knacks!

8th Jul 2019