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Welcome to the Kitchen Compare Blog. Here we introduce you to many of the key sections of the website, focused on saving you time and money in the search for your dream kitchen. Don't forget to check back regularly for new posts.

  • 14th Dec 2020

    Hottest kitchen trends for 2021

    There is no disputing the fact that 2020 has been difficult all round, and as it finally draws to a close, now is the time to look forward to the year ahead. Since March most of us have been spending more time than ever before at home, and it is, therefore, only natural that freshening or sprucing up the kitchen is at the top of the wish list for a number of homeowners. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, the one place where so many of life’s most meaningful moments occur, this is not at all surprising. So here in our December blog, we aim to inspire those looking to make changes to their kitchen and highlight some of the hottest kitchen trends for 2021.

  • 24th Nov 2020

    How to add a touch of festive cheer to your kitchen

    Without doubt this coming Christmas will be unlike any other. None of us know yet what guidelines will be in place when we come out of this second lockdown and who we will be able spend the days before, the days after and Christmas Day itself with.

  • 16th Nov 2020

    Advice on buying the right fridge or fridge-freezer

    Last month’s blog tackled the more general issues when choosing new kitchen appliances, providing useful hints and tips of things to think about before hitting the shops or online stores. Buying a new appliance often happens when you least expect it. Wear and tear and breakages are the main reason for having to replace a single kitchen appliance while a kitchen refurbishment or remodelling project often requires multi purchases all at one. Most homeowners find the final part of any renovation process, the part where it is time to select shiny new appliances, an exciting one. Some can find it daunting and then there are those that simply dread it!

  • 26th Oct 2020

    Choosing kitchen appliances

    Whether you are starting from scratch, renovating, or refurbishing a kitchen, it can be quite a lengthy and stressful project. Finally, the time has arrived to start selecting your new appliances, the part of the process you have been looking forward to. Then the reality hits. Buying appliances can be complicated too – pro-style gadgets with bells and whistles, appliances focused on good looks, reliable mid-range brands, brands you’ve never heard of … it can all be a bit of a minefield!

    Here are some general hints and tips to help you along the way when thinking about, selecting, and purchasing kitchen appliances.

  • 12th Oct 2020

    How to make the most of a small kitchen

    Many of us dream of having a large spacious kitchen with plenty of room to prepare food, sit and chat with family and friends and entertain guests. The reality, however, is often quite different and we find ourselves trying to achieve far too much in a much more restricted space.

    There are, nevertheless, a few tricks and design ideas which help make the most of a small kitchen whilst giving the impression that it’s a lot larger.

  • 28th Sep 2020

    Using a kitchen designer

    The time has come to plan your new kitchen. The question is, where to begin?

  • 14th Sep 2020

    New year, new look

    It can be hard right now to envisage ‘normal’. Without doubt 2020 has been difficult for everyone in so many ways. The coronavirus pandemic has brought immense change to almost every facet of everyday life – how we live, where we live, where we work, what we do for work and of course what we judge as important. However, one thing is for sure, home is where most of us have spent plenty of time over the last seven months which has given us time to reflect on our surroundings.

  • 20th Aug 2020

    10 great kitchen floor ideas

    A lot of time and energy goes into planning and designing a new kitchen however, flooring can often be an after-thought. Think of the floor as another wall when you plan, and it will instantly be easier to envisage what will work and what won’t. Make sure you include flooring at the start of your project as it could impact heavily on other decisions such as underfloor heating, power, and water supplies.

  • 6th Aug 2020

    Heating your kitchen

    It’s a glorious summer’s day. The sun is shining. The windows are wide open. The last thing on your mind right now is how best to heat your kitchen! However, like so many home improvement projects, putting a little leg work in early on and doing the research will reap the benefits in the long run. Choose wisely and the right form of heating will not only keen you warm, but can also add interest to your kitchen, save you both space and money and could even provide extra storage space!

  • 23rd Jul 2020

    Open kitchen or broken kitchen?

    Open plan living may not be new, but it’s as popular as ever. However, in recent years there has been a shift in terms of how we use our kitchen space to fit in with our everyday lives. Welcome the arrival of the broken plan kitchen.

    Broken plan kitchens include more structural elements such as dropping a floor level or installing framed glazing for a spacious appearance while also creating more defined areas

  • 9th Jul 2020

    How cluttered is your kitchen? ……. time to get organised!

    While lockdown has been eased and some restrictions have been lifted, we still can’t travel far this summer so there's no better time to give our homes a bit of care and attention. Getting organised and decluttering is great for providing a sense of purpose. It feels good to tackle head-on one or two projects that we've been meaning to do for some time, but just never get around to … and where better to get started than in the kitchen.

    Below are some key tips to help:

  • 24th Jun 2020

    How much to spend and what do you get for your budget?

    When it comes to spending money on a kitchen, it is easy to get carried away! A kitchen forms the heart of the home. It is the place where families regularly come together. Not only immediate family, but a wider circle of friends and extended family have found their way into the inner sanctum in recent years to eat, socialise and relax as the popularity of open plan living has grown.

  • 10th Jun 2020

    The beauty of a boot, or utility, room

    When planning a complete kitchen makeover or renovation, one of the most popular requests in the design brief is a boot, or utility room. Whether the intention is to use the space for laundry, hanging coats, storing boots, or drying off the dog after a wet and windy walk, the reality is often different. This practical space can easily become a dumping ground, no longer serving the purpose for which it was originally designed.

  • 26th May 2020

    Achieving the right balance

    There are so many decorative decisions to be made when planning a new kitchen. What style do you like? What is the latest look? What fits my space? ….. and the list goes on and on!

  • 13th May 2020

    Quick kitchen lockdown wins

    It is not uncommon for many of us to come up with every excuse in the book as to why we put off undertaking DIY tasks! The reasons most often cited are lack of time, lack of know-how or lack of money. However, with most of us housebound during this global pandemic, why not spend time giving your home a bit of extra attention. At best it may add a little extra value to your property, or simply just put a smile on your face and fill you with a sense of pride.

  • 27th Apr 2020

    5 great ways to store wine

    We are all in the same boat right now - managing our way through a global pandemic. This may not be the be the best time to renovate, refurbish or install a new kitchen, but we do have more time to dream. Many of us also have more time than usual on our hands which could be put to good use, amongst other things, to research future projects for our homes.

  • 16th Apr 2020

    Is it worth considering a range cooker?

    For many a range cooker is synonymous with farmhouse kitchens, large families and good cooks! – but think again – the range cooker has moved on substantially. Still the kitchen powerhouse, the latest models maintain their timeless look but now also include the latest innovations and technology you’d expect from a hi-tech oven such as touch displays and induction cooking.

  • 23rd Mar 2020

    Loving a larder

    Once considered something only your grandmother used to have, today the kitchen larder is very much on trend and a must-have for keen cooks or for busy households. Whether referred to as a larder or pantry, they come in all shapes and sizes and can be found in both traditional and more contemporary kitchens. If you have a large kitchen and are looking for a walk-in one or have a smaller kitchen and are looking for a pull-out unit to help maximise storage, there are many practical and stylish options available.

    The key to a successful larder is choosing the right one for your needs. Make it work for you – after all, space is a priority in most kitchens and a kitchen larder enables you to create this. Larders are very practical as they allow you to keep everything accessible in the one place. For examples, herbs and packets often get lost at the back of cupboards and are forgotten about. A larder can prevent this. With handy racks on the back of the doors and deep shelves, a larder makes it easy to see instantly what you have.

  • 10th Mar 2020

    Best layout to optimise your kitchen configuration – Part 2

    Last month’s blog highlighted the importance of taking time to plan and optimise the best layout for your kitchen and focussed specifically on the galley style kitchen. Part 2 explores the L-shaped, U-shaped, single and double island layouts.

    As mentioned previously, fitting all the appliances you want into your kitchen and getting enough storage space for all your crockery, cutlery, cookware, glassware and cleaning materials comes down to a well-planned layout. It really doesn’t matter how much space you have, the first thing to consider is your working triangle (ergonomic flow between fridge, sink and oven) and how this will fit into your kitchen. Once this has been established, only then should you consider your other must-have appliances.

  • 24th Feb 2020

    Best layout configuration to optimise your kitchen space – Part 1

    Fitting all the appliances you want into your kitchen and getting enough storage space for all your crockery, cutlery, cookware, glassware and cleaning materials comes down to a well-planned layout. Whether designing a brand-new kitchen or refurbishing an existing one, the more time you can put into the planning process, the better. Whether working with a blank canvas or having to work within the restrictions of your existing space, it is important to start by establishing exactly what you have both in terms of floor space and budget.

  • 16th Feb 2020

    Life’s little essentials…

    It’s February. We’ve just about survived storms Ciara and Dennis. It’s cold and grim outside and most of us are longing for blue, balmy skies and summer sun. But rather than wishing our lives away, let’s embrace the warmth and hospitality we can offer within our own homes right here and now. Perhaps it’s time to consider investing in a designer hot water tap or built-in coffee machine which will, without doubt, bring a sense of style and convenience to our kitchens. Then, simply invite friends and neighbours round for one of life’s little essentials …. a good old cuppa or a coffee!

  • 31st Jan 2020

    Hot Kitchen Trends for 2020

    Homes continually evolve. New trends regularly emerge. January welcomes in the start of a new decade. What better reasons do we need to refresh or overhaul our kitchens, often cited as the hub of any home!

    To keep your kitchen up to date, below are 5 of the hot kitchen trends for 2020 together with tips on how to introduce them into your own space.

  • 21st Jan 2020

    How to buy a new kitchen in 2020. Part 2

    Last month we looked at breaking down the process of buying a kitchen into stages to help make the journey easier and more enjoyable - from making a wish-list to reviewing the space, deciding on style to thinking about must-have appliances, and of course, setting that all-important budget.

    With kitchen sales still going strong, finding the right designer and supplier is paramount and can make all the difference