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Hottest kitchen trends for 2021

There is no disputing the fact that 2020 has been difficult all round, and as it finally draws to a close, now is the time to look forward to the year ahead. Since March most of us have been spending more time than ever before at home, and it is, therefore, only natural that freshening or sprucing up the kitchen is at the top of the wish list for a number of homeowners. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, the one place where so many of life’s most meaningful moments occur, this is not at all surprising. So here in our December blog, we aim to inspire those looking to make changes to their kitchen and highlight some of the hottest kitchen trends for 2021.

Dark Surfaces: This trend has emerged because of the shift towards two tone kitchens. Dark worktops and countertops are easily offset by lighter furniture and bright colours to ensure they work in any sized room. Black and dark grey when used on worktops, floors and splashbacks can be very inviting and create an air of luxury and sophistication – particularly when combined with textured woods to add a rustic, homely charm.

Broken plan living: Zoning replaces the previous trend of open plan living and is set to remain in place for several years to come as families have had to experience living, working and playing together in the same space over the last 12 months. Retaining the spacious feel of an open plan design, broken plan living employs the use of screens, freestanding furniture and house plants to divide up the space to create distinct zones intended for different activities such as cooking, relaxing, studying and crafting. The concept is simple in a kitchen, take an open plan design but add in freestanding shelf unit or raised breakfast bar to create separation without the need for a physical solid wall.

Handleless design: Technological advances in push-open and close doors means that it has become easier to dispense with handles in wall and base kitchen cabinets. Combine this with the trend for free-flowing design with a paired back look ensures handleless kitchen cabinets are one of the biggest trends for 2021. If you like the streamlined look and simplicity, but prefer not to have push-open cupboards, then recessed handles provide the same sleek effect.

Bespoke appliance storage: With so many kitchen gadgets and time saving appliances, worktops can easily become cluttered and space a rarity. With streamline kitchens and simple fuss-free designs being popular, the need for bespoke storage for appliances has become extremely popular. Having a well-thought through unit, which becomes part of the flow of wall units to house and hide away mixers, hi-tech appliances, coffee machines and toasters has become a desirable necessity.

Hot water taps: A sought -after item for 2021, sales and installations of steaming hot water taps increased dramatically in the back half of this year. With more of us working from home wanting to make more teas and coffees throughout the course of the day, or in breaks between zoom calls, this trend is set to continue. Available now in a variety of finishes such as polished chrome, brass patina, brushed black, stainless steel, or timeless gold, there is a hot water on demand tap to complement any kitchen.

Metallics: Not just taps but sinks and splashbacks too are following the metallic trend. Aesthetics are making a big impact in kitchens and bathrooms in the same way they have in furniture and appliance design over the last few years. Sinks are not only seen as being functional but also stylish. Splashbacks behind sinks, cookers, and ranges are not only being installed to protect walls in a practical sense but also to make a definitive style statement. Brass sinks and ironmongery look to be top of the metallics for 2021 in modern kitchens – an ideal shade for enhancing on-trend blues and green cabinetry whilst providing a sophisticated touch.

14th Dec 2020