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Life’s little essentials…

It’s February. We’ve just about survived storms Ciara and Dennis. It’s cold and grim outside and most of us are longing for blue, balmy skies and summer sun. But rather than wishing our lives away, let’s embrace the warmth and hospitality we can offer within our own homes right here and now. Perhaps it’s time to consider investing in a designer hot water tap or built-in coffee machine which will, without doubt, bring a sense of style and convenience to our kitchens. Then, simply invite friends and neighbours round for one of life’s little essentials …. a good old cuppa or a coffee!

For those planning a new kitchen, one of the must-haves may well be a hot water tap. What was once a luxury item has now become a must-have appliance to replace the mixer tap. Instantly delivering hot water of 98-100 degrees centigrade, waiting for a kettle to boil or for a saucepan of water to come to the boil is a thing of the past. These instant hot water taps can also be retrospectively fitted into existing kitchens as long as there is space for the boiler, so anyone can have one.

There are many benefits to installing an instant hot water tap. As you only use the hot water you need, you should save on your energy bills. Many models also offer chilled and filtered water too so you can do away with buying that in. Some top end of the range taps even dispense chilled, filtered sparkling water! Some boiling water taps also come with a flexi, pull-out hose, which can be really handy for cleaning the sink or for filling a pan on the worktop at the side of the kitchen sink.

Other things to consider if investing in an instant hot water tap is now good the safety locks are and whether or not the tap has a tendency to ‘spit’ , is it well insulated and does it have quality filters in place to prevent limescale from building up. In terms of design there is the classic swan neck or perhaps a more angular shaped neck appeals, available in either chrome, nickel, brass, stainless steel, gold or black.

If a cup of coffee is more your cup of tea, then a built-in coffee machine, whilst quite an investment, is a valuable addition to any kitchen. Technology has moved on a long way and these integrated machines now offer everything from an espresso to a cappuccino, a latte to an americano. Generally available in stainless steel or black, some of the premium machines are also app controlled so that you can save your favourite setting for your perfect coffee time after time.

For full flexibility look out for machines that work with both beans and ground coffee, have a frothing nozzle and smart LCD displays. You really can become a barista in your own home. Staying in and inviting friends and family around has never been so tempting!

16th Feb 2020