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Hot Kitchen Trends for 2020

Homes continually evolve. New trends regularly emerge. January welcomes in the start of a new decade. What better reasons do we need to refresh or overhaul our kitchens, often cited as the hub of any home!

To keep your kitchen up to date, below are 5 of the hot kitchen trends for 2020 together with tips on how to introduce them into your own space.

Coolest Colours

The bold cabinetry colours of last year – deep greens and dark blues – will remain popular into 2020 especially emerald green, forest green and midnight blue. However, there is also a new trend emerging for calming, lighter hues - dusky greys, sage greens and soft pinks. Tranquil Dawn, Dulux’s colour of the year, is a serene, cool green picking up on the sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Kitchen colours and tones are becoming more blended and combining two colours throughout kitchen cabinetry is growing in popularity. In order to achieve this look, opt for deep dark units and contrast with brighter shades elsewhere in order to add depth and character to the space.

Multi-functional spaces

With the rising popularity of open plan living it is no surprise to see living room furnishings crossing over into the kitchen space. Kitchens are most certainly the heart of many homes – where couples or families come together at the beginning and end of the day – and so creating a relaxing space to unwind has never been more important. Designing an area with a small sofa or including statement pendants or downlighters on a dimmer switch all add to a multi-functional ambiance and a desirable kitchen/living environment. Similarly, dining islands will be a huge trend throughout 2020, an extension to the traditional island, separating out an isolated space just for socialising, dining and working.

The perfect hideaway

Whether you have a small compact or large spacious kitchen, creating a feeling of space remains key. The appetite for discreet storage is expected to continue to grow and the desire to hideaway appliances and gadgets is often cited as a key requirement when planning a new layout. While homeowners love technology and gadgets they don’t necessarily want to see them constantly on display. Finding smart storage solutions that conceal items away will continue to be popular such as simple cabinetry to hide a fridge or dishwasher or a hidden storage station to prevent the kettle and toaster from cluttering up the worktops.


With a new consciousness surrounding our planet and how we can save energy, there will be a shift towards making steps for more sustainable living in the home in 2020. Whether you add dedicated recycling bins, so that all your waste is disposed of correctly, whether you install a 3 in 1 Steaming Hot Water Tap that instantly dispenses steaming hot water rather than using energy to boil the kettle, or whether you install an induction hob, which is energy efficient as it only heats the surface the pan touches reducing the amount of energy used and wasted, there are plenty of solutions to make your kitchen more sustainable.

Urban Industrial Chic

The trend for industrial styling in the kitchen has only grown in popularity and will continue to feature heavily in homes this year. This contemporary look is characterised by raw materials like exposed brick and natural wood paired with rich, deep tones, such as graphite greys and dark blues, and urban accessories like matt black taps and gun metal handles. Likewise, metallics, golds and rust alongside concrete and slate offer a unique aesthetic which is proving popular for this year’s urban industrial chic look.

31st Jan 2020