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New year, new look

It can be hard right now to envisage ‘normal’. Without doubt 2020 has been difficult for everyone in so many ways. The coronavirus pandemic has brought immense change to almost every facet of everyday life – how we live, where we live, where we work, what we do for work and of course what we judge as important. However, one thing is for sure, home is where most of us have spent plenty of time over the last seven months which has given us time to reflect on our surroundings.

While Covid-19 won't just disappear on January 1st, we can still hold out hope that next year might be better than this one. This hope is something Dulux were keen to inspire when they announced their Colour of the Year for 2021.

Each year, global paint experts Dulux gathers the world’s best trend forecasters, design specialists, architects, and editors with the sole aim of choosing a colour which will encapsulate an era. The Colour of the Year is chosen to represent how we will live and feel in our homes in the year to come.

What has emerged from the trend forecast this year is that we are all reassessing what really matters in our lives. We are taking stock, finding a new and positive way forward and, for the most part, are embracing change. So the global paint experts have decided that Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2021 is Brave Ground – a warm, natural neutral that’s an enabling and stabilizing colour.

Brave Ground brings a bolstering, balancing feel to any room. It is also a versatile shade that lets other colours shine so is a good choice for those looking to change or refresh the colour scheme in their kitchen.

1. A relaxed and informal feel can be created by pairing Brave Ground with yellows, ochres, and soft browns - a firm foundation for any fixtures and furnishings – traditional or modern, this colour scheme works well with artisanal crafts and natural materials.

2. Have the courage to be individual by pairing Brave Ground with a bold pink or red. These colours look great together when styled with modern furnishings, graphic patterns, and light wood floors.

3. Combine Brave Ground with earthy soft browns, greys, and neutrals for a warm and welcoming feel. Subtle and smart, these work well with mid-century furniture and rich finishes, such as copper, marble, and velvet.

4. Bring the outside in with by combining Brave Ground with shades of blue, grey, and green. These tones work well styled up with natural wood, reclaimed furniture, shapely ceramics, and indoor plants.

14th Sep 2020