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5 great ways to store wine

We are all in the same boat right now - managing our way through a global pandemic. This may not be the be the best time to renovate, refurbish or install a new kitchen, but we do have more time to dream. Many of us also have more time than usual on our hands which could be put to good use, amongst other things, to research future projects for our homes.

With the new going out being to stay in, we are forced to enjoy a glass of wine at home in the evenings and forget about joining friends in bars and restaurants. For some the wine might be stored in a cupboard until required, for others there may always be a bottle in the fridge.

Whether you like to enjoy the occasional glass or are a passionate connoisseur, storing bottles in the right surroundings is key to enjoying wine at its best. With a general move towards kitchen-living-diners comes the growing demand for storage units that keeps our favourite wines in top condition – here are 5 great storage suggestions:

Integrated Island Unit

Tucked under an island, they are usually 60cm wide and come as freestanding or built-in models. Narrower models of 30cm and 15cm are available though not overly easy to find. An island often bridges the gap between the cooking and dining areas, so incorporating the unit on the dining side allows easy access without bothering those cooking. This style is great for saving space in an easy to reach area but, because it must fit under a worktop, its capacity is limited.

Dedicated Bar

Post lockdown, a dedicated bar is great for those that simply love to entertain and makes an ideal place to decant wine, mix cocktails and store glassware while keeping everything to hand. Normally built in the dining or living area, think carefully about whether you want a bar sink and tap – if so, you will need additional plumbing. A dedicated bar is glamorous and great fun but only really works well in larger rooms.

Wine Wall

Usually insulated as well as temperature and humidity controlled, a glazed wine wall makes a great display even in smaller spaces and could stretch the length of a wall or be built-in to make the most of the space under the stairs. A wine wall can be constructed to suit your space – is bespoke and has a wow factor but can be costly depending on the complexity and size of the space.

Built-in Design

Good for streamlined kitchens with uninterrupted fronts, this wine storage unit is designed to be built into cabinetry at eye level and is often part of a suite of integrated appliances such as ovens and microwaves. Providing a very sleek, contemporary look, the bottles are at eye level so you don’t need to crouch down, however, cavity space is often limited at eye level so the capacity might be smaller.

Tall Built-in Solutions

Ideal for those who want to achieve a wow effect but have bottles to hand, this appliance is built into a bank of tall units such as fridge and freezer. As they are often over 2m tall, they are better suited to larger kitchens with plenty of space – not only to house them and open them fully but also to be able to stand back and admire your impressive collection!

27th Apr 2020