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Which style of cabinet will suit your new kitchen?

A lot happens in the kitchen! From rushed breakfasts first thing in the morning to family meals in the evening, from sharing a cup of tea with a neighbour to a glass of wine with a group of friends, the kitchen is the activity hub of the home. It goes without saying that the kitchen needs to both look good and work hard so when renovating or planning a new kitchen it is key to put in the research to make sure you end up with the ideal kitchen that suits your budget.

Perfecting your kitchen design is a big and exciting job. One of the most important things to consider is the style. Once you’ve nailed this, often the rest follows. Do you want your kitchen to compliment the style or period of your home or be a contrast? Do you want your kitchen to match the décor of the other rooms or stand out and be unique?

Your choice of kitchen cabinet doors plays a large part in this. Below are the 4 main styles to consider:


Shaker in-frame and traditional joinery cabinet doors continue to be popular as they simply don’t date. When it comes to investing a considerable amount of money in a refurbished or new kitchen it’s important to spend the money wisely so a design that has longevity may be a good choice.

A classical design that has been around for several years doesn’t mean it’s boring. Shaker is associated with older, period properties, however, this doesn’t need to be the case. There are several versatile Shaker-style designs on the market today that have a more modern twist and include colour or pared-back detailing. Shaker design kitchen doors are one of the easier designs that suit bespoke cabinetry including bi-fold cupboard doors. To further modernise a Shaker door, consider going handle less whilst maintaining the classic framework.


If ultra-contemporary precision-engineered doors don’t appeal and you’re not overly keen on traditional styles either, then perhaps a modern kitchen cabinet slab door is worth considering.

Contemporary doors are a good for family kitchens. These doors remove any additional detailing from an already ‘busy’ environment. A more informal look works well in this instance with slab doors being more streamlined and easier to clean. Bar or recessed handles are the best fit with this style and different materials can be used to make a point of difference ie. glass, metallic finishes, and wood textures. Including some doors in contrasting colours is also another way to make contemporary slab doors stand out.

Mix & Match

Individuality is becoming more and more important in the home – as much in the kitchen as anywhere else. Blending cabinet door styles and experimenting with texture such as wood, matt finishes or gloss laminates adds interest, character, and personality to the space. Why not create a two-toned scheme, mix up the materials, merge some classic, some modern doors and create your very own unique look. Consider a modern island with mitred drawer fronts and integrated handles with a pared-back dresser in a more traditional style. There are no rules. Anything goes.


Ultra contemporary kitchen doors are totally streamlined giving the feeling of a minimalist space. They can tend to look a little clinical or cold, but correctly designed a kitchen with ultra contemporary doors can have the real wow factor and be highly impactful. Monolithic islands or striking high gloss cabinets work well in creating a statement and look particularly at home in a linear or gallery style kitchen where a clean-lined finish helps to eliminate visual clutter.

29th May 2023