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Hottest Kitchen Trends for 2023

There is no disputing the fact that 2022 has had its challenges, and as it finally draws to a close, now is the time to look forward to the year ahead. Even though many of us have returned to the office either full or part-time, overall, we are still spending more time at home than pre-Covid and it is, therefore, only natural that freshening or sprucing up the kitchen is at the top of the wish list for several homeowners.

Kitchens are no longer a functional and practical food prep area but have truly established themselves as the heart of the home - providing a place to cook, eat, work, rest and entertain. The once humble kitchen has grabbed floor space from other rooms as it adapts to meet our everyday needs - making this a unique space in the home and a space that demonstrates the latest trends.

Design and lifestyle trends grow in an organic way. They start as a micro trend but over time they grow and mature into a fully-fledged design statement. But these design trends don't just happen - they reflect our emotional and design needs, as well as the political, geographic, and economic state surrounding us. So here in our December blog, we aim to inspire those looking to make changes to their kitchen and highlight some of the hottest kitchen trends for 2023.


Wallpaper is a powerful way to add personality in any room, and after many years of being shunned from the kitchen, we are now seeing a move towards using this product in abundance. As a surface it adds texture, colour, pattern, and detail that can be floral, whimsical, or geometric. It has many styles, scales and characters so is a great way to mirror your stylistic preferences. It is more flexible and versatile than paint or tiles and is a fantastic DIY way to transform your kitchen with minimal fuss.

Mixed metallics

Metallic finishes always play a part in our interior design themes, but this year sees it move from being a highlighted or jewelled addition to being the focus of the room. Warm brushed metallic cabinetry is mixed with cooler shades of metals in accessories and detailing. More is more and pewter, copper and brushed brass are this year's favourites.

Black is Back

Our interest in black within the kitchen space started a few years ago with matt black taps, window frames and accessories. Gaining in momentum and confidence, the trend for black has gone unapologetically bold as this deep and moody shade is used layer upon layer giving a seductive allure to the kitchen.

Wood Grain

The desire to welcome nature into our homes is undoubtedly one of the biggest interior design trends of recent years, and 2023 sees latest kitchen trends designed to create a more soothing and comfortable space which will stand the test of time. Kitchens are welcoming natural timber tones throughout, with oak being one of the dominant woods. Blend with painted cabinetry in colours that are inspired by the outdoors and embrace wood grain in all its glory.

Marvellous Marble

Natural marbles have always been a staple in kitchen design as they not only offer a true sense of luxury and timeless appeal, but they are also durable and easy to maintain. Whilst the ever-familiar clean and crisp Carrara and Calacatta veins are still perennial favourites, we are now seeing a move towards embracing a more colourful marble. These natural marbles have a striking presence and a depth of beauty that is totally unique.


One of the trends that touches all others is our underlying desire to use colour throughout the home. The shades that mirror the natural world are the most sought after for 2023 - sandy earthy tones, terracotta and deep greens all reflect nature, whilst dusky pink is a playful alternative to grey and creates a sense of warmth and comfort. Colours that are inspired by the outside world are most definitely defining the heart of our homes

19th Dec 2022