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Top 5 Tips when designing your kitchen

Designing your kitchen is both fun and daunting. Here’s where to start if you feel overwhelmed:

Begin with a budget

Come up with a budget before you begin. It’s easy to overspend and there are bound to be unaccounted for expenses that crop up along the way. Keep an extra fund available to cover emergencies.

Brainstorm on cabinets and storage

Collate your favourite kitchen design ideas on Pinterest and spot the running theme to hone in on your style. Easy-to-clean cabinets and big splashbacks are perfect for keen cooks. Think about how many drawers you’ll need and if you want tall cupboards to store bigger items.

Settle on a layout

Traditional design recommends that the position of your sink, cooker and fridge should be in a triangle position to maximise space and efficiency. Be aware that a dishwasher will need to be close to your sink for plumbing reasons and think about the smaller details that can affect your final layout, like where you’d like to put your bin and how many sockets you’ll need.

Discuss flooring

Tiles are hardwearing but costlier than lino and harder to replace. Wooden floors need regular maintenance but provide a traditional appeal that’s classic.

Choose countertops

Heavy duty countertops made of granite and marble are an investment but will last for a long time. Cheaper options like laminate work surfaces come in a greater variety of colours and won’t cost a fortune.

20th Dec 2016