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5 of the coolest interior kitchen trends for Autumn/Winter

Homes continually evolve and, with new fashion trends emerging each season, we are constantly tempted to update them.

There’s no reason why kitchens shouldn’t be treated and updated like any other room in the house. While stripping out kitchen cabinets and completely redecorating may be a rather extreme (and costly!) way to keep up with the latest trends, there are many other ways to reflect the latest look in the kitchen.

Below are Kitchen-compare’s top 5 coolest interior kitchen trends for this autumn / winter together with tips on how to introduce them into your own space.

Structured Simplicity

Moving on from last year’s Nordic Retreat trend, this autumn/winter Structured Simplicity is more about embracing natural materials and creating a calm, comfy, chilled-out space to relax in, rest and regenerate.

Embrace soft and neutral colours while making pared-back pieces the focus. Simple, understated unfussy pieces, such as kitchen table and chairs, that feel relaxed and comfortable rather than overly minimalist are ideal.


Combining the influences of both rustic Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese minimalism, Japandi is a hybrid trend bringing together the best of these styles. Keep the colour palette soft - embracing calming tones of pale blue, muted green and light grey with accents of richer shades, such as teal, indigo, emerald and black.

Mix pale, blonde Scandi woods with Japanese-style black and dark woods to bring depth. Finally, strip back your kitchen space, clear away clutter and remove anything that clashes.

Black is back

Featuring more heavily than ever in kitchens, not only black, but also deeper shades of green are beginning to make inroads on the cool grey tones of previous seasonal trends.

Black adds sophistication, drama and depth, especially when dressed correctly. Try statement metallic ironmongery, well-positioned lights which are essential with a darker scheme, or add slim, black powder-coated steel furniture which offers a contemporary twist for chairs, tables, bar stools or shelving units.

Shimmer & Shine

Incorporate a touch of glamour into your kitchen – but be careful - the key to making it work visually is to have balance. With white walls and a white ceiling, consider installing a marble worktop whilst introducing warmer tones into the flooring.

Then add whichever metallic finish you love the most – gold, brass, pewter, gunmetal or copper – via furniture, hardware, light pendants and accessories, looking out for unusual shapes to add interest.

Concrete Edge

Concrete continues to give kitchens that industrial edge and its raw texture makes for a stylish and sturdy finish.

Use concrete for larger areas, such as worktops, flooring and wall effects and team with pieces in earthier tones to balance the cool grey colour and add maximum depth and warmth. If introducing concrete to larger areas isn’t practical, small accessories are a simple but effective alternative.

10th Oct 2019