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How SMART is your kitchen?

As technology is continually advancing at a pace, kitchens too are developing and adapting to become more and more efficient and intelligent.

The ability to perform everyday tasks completely hands-free means it’s convenient, and time saving which is highly appealing to many as we look to ease our domestic workload. As well as time, smart appliances can often offer savings in water and energy too.

Using WiFi functionality, smart appliances can be operated remotely using an app on your smartphone or via voice control meaning that we’re able to spend much less time and effort in the kitchen as technology does all our dirty work for us.

We are now able to control our kitchens from anywhere in the world…. or simply from our sofas in the next room!


• Make sure you’re happy with your WiFi signal and performance as connected appliances are only as good as the reliability of your internet provider
• When it comes to buying smart technology, sticking to one brand can have its advantages as appliances can “communicate” with each other via a brand-specific app
• Make sure you do plenty of research before investing – read articles, guides and reviews and of course speak to retailers or in-store experts
• Smart technology comes at a cost - so don’t forget to investigate installing a free smart meter via your energy supplier to help save money

Latest smart innovations:

Ovens can now eliminate guess-work and take the risk out of cooking as they can now calculate how long, and at what temperature, food should cook for. The latest intelligent ovens even have a built-in camera, scales and thermometer – simply put food in and the oven can work out the right time and temperature required to cook your dish to perfection. Set it to begin at any time, and when it’s finished it will turn off automatically, sending a notification to your phone!

Fridges are also developing rapidly - keeping food fresher for longer at the ideal temperature and humidity. Some of the most advanced have a sleek web interface on the fridge door ensuring you can order groceries online while an internal camera is able to show you pictures of the inside of your fridge so that the next time you’re at the shops, you’re able to check what you do and don’t have!

Washing machines are now able to work out the best programme for the specific load you’ve put in, as well as release the correct amount of detergent based on an assessment of the weight and dirtiness of your laundry.

Dishwashers can automatically choose the optimal temperature, time and volume of water based on each load as well as be controlled by an app – perfect for those days when out and about or already in bed before you realise you forgot to turn on the dishwasher.

With these continual advances in technology, it looks like our kitchens will be entirely unrecognisable in the next few decades.

27th May 2019