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Kitchen Design: How To Avoid Fads

A kitchen packed full of the latest gadgets, appliances and design trends may seem like a dream but when choosing a new kitchen, it’s important to focus on the long term. Will those brightly coloured cabinets still look great in ten years’ time? Do you have space for an island or will it ultimately get in the way?

Do your best to avoid kitchen fads with our top tips…

Avoid super trendy styles

The kitchen is often the most expensive room to make over so you want to make sure it stands the test of time. Cabinets in neutral shades will stop your kitchen dating quickly. If you want to add a splash of colour, experiment with bolder paint on the walls – this is easier and less expensive to update when the shade is no longer in fashion.

Choose quality

The cabinets form the basis of your kitchen so this is where we’d recommend spending a little more of your budget. Look for soft-close hinges and drawers that open smoothly. Think practically when it comes to your work surfaces too. Glass looks ultra-modern and slick but only if you maintain it. Stains, streaks and fingerprints show up more easily on glass, so if you have young children or a busy lifestyle, you’re probably better off choosing a less high maintenance material like granite or marble.

Honour the triangle

The triangle is the foundation of all good kitchen design. The three points to consider are the fridge, the oven and the sink – you don’t want to obstruct the flow between them as they are the most-used spots. Also, be careful when adding in a kitchen island – aim to allow at least one metre of space around it or your floor space will become too restricted.

Maximise storage

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for extra storage. The space above the refrigerator is one of the most commonly wasted storage opportunities: fit shelves here to make the most of the space. (See more kitchen storage ideas here.)

Don’t do it all yourself

The home improvement trend has seen many homeowners taking on the role of project manager. This is great for keeping costs down but it’s also important to know when to call in the experts. When dealing with gas, electricity and plumbing, you don’t want to risk potentially dangerous mistakes occurring. Handing over the job to a professional will ensure the project runs smoothly and give you peace of mind.

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to start searching for your perfect kitchen! Compare kitchens from the top retailers using our independent price checker.

24th Oct 2017