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Kitchen Innovation From Ikea

Who doesn’t like to hear about something truly innovative? At we love innovation! By which we don’t mean something that has been tweaked or adapted slightly, we mean something completely new, something that genuinely changes the way we do things for the better, something that makes you sit up, take note and want to tell others.

Imagine how excited we were when we heard that Scandinavian retailer, Ikea, was launching a new kitchen range, its first in 25 years. Ikea’s Metod kitchen is replacing Faktum, a firm favourite and one that has been popular in the marketplace for sometime - a big risk for any major

Ikea claims that the new Metod kitchen will completely change the way consumers think about kitchens giving them “the freedom to create the design, the look and the function but with an Ikea price tag. With literally thousands of different combinations available, the Metod kitchen will help squeeze the most out of every centimetre of kitchen space”

These are bold claims indeed. As an independent company constantly trying to demystify the kitchen market and help consumers find dream kitchens whilst saving time and money, we felt we should investigate these claims further.

So what does this super new kitchen offer?

Quite simply Metod offers more layout, style and storage possibilities than even before.

Everything is new – frames, doors, hinges, drawers, shelves, even cover panels – everything apart from the proverbial kitchen sink!

Frames are sized in multiples of 20cm and hang off of an innovative wall rail ensuring that they can be fitted into the smallest and tallest of spaces. Doors are available in a wide variety of looks, finishes and colours including; solid wood, laminate, glass or part glass, white, cream, grey, red, black, brown, brown/black, birch and oak. Add to this four additional accent colours: red, blue, turquoise and stainless steel and you start to get a feel for the endless possibilities that are available.

With frames and doors chosen, time now to concentrate on maximising internal storage space. Metod is a “clever” kitchen, helping solve the daily problems of storage and restricted space. There are numerous solutions. It’s just a matter of finding the one that answers your specific need. Examples include Utrusta, a corner cabinet carousel which swivels easily to be able to find and reach what you’re looking for andVariera, lift out divider sections for deep pull out drawers providing good visibility and total accessibility.

In our opinion Metod goes further still when it comes to understanding and responding to consumer lifestyle needs. Generally speaking, kitchen units are seen as being utilitarian first and foremost with the aesthetics playing a more minor role. Metod, however, gives consumers the freedom to personalise their space, creating the look they want whilst also having the functionality they need – for example, beyond the kitchen, Metod free-standing units can be used to provide a seemless transition to lounge/dining area in open plan homes creating decorative display space or additional storage. Making clever use ofTutemo, a range of coloured inserts, Metod units can frame or show off statement pieces in any room or very simply brighten up a wall.

Investigation complete - we are pleasantly surprised and impressed by Ikea’s new Metod kitchen concept, one that provides unlimited design choice, total personalisation, full flexibility, is functional and doesn’t come with a bespoke designer price tag.


We definitely think so

10th May 2016