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Take a seat

Kitchens are often the hub of the home – the place where family and friends regularly gather. Key to a successful space for socialising, eating, and relaxing is the creation of a comfortable seating area. Whether your kitchen is a large open-plan design or is a smaller compact multi-functional one, there are great solutions to suit.

Create a window seat:

If your kitchen isn’t large enough for a banquette dining area, a built-in window seat could be a good alternative. Making the most of the space beneath a window, friends or family can sit and chat whilst food is being prepared or in more relaxed moments it can be used as a reading area. A window seat provides the opportunity to incorporate extra storage with drawers of cupboards built in for less regularly used gadgets or even a hideaway for kids’ toys.

Include seating around an island:

Invariably visitors end up in the kitchen! If you have an island, extend it out further and attach comfortable seating to its back so that guests can sit for a while and enjoy a cup of tea or even glass of wine while food is being prepared. You could add a sense of flow into the kitchen too by painting the banquette the same shade as the cabinetry or choose a contrasting colour for impact.

Make a statement:

The banquette could well be the wow factor in your kitchen. The seating area doesn’t have to blend into the background, why not make it more of a standout feature. This is of course easier to do if you have a slightly larger kitchen with space for a free-standing banquette – maybe attaching a circular design to the edge of your island with comfortable high backs creating a sense of privacy. The wow factor may well come from the material you choose such as natural walnut or stone or perhaps you prefer to incorporate colour and design through striking fabrics.

Making the most of a corner:

A corner seat is a great way to fit extra places around a small table, especially in more compact spaces. A small square table in a kitchen can only fit four chairs around it, however, an L-shaped bench along with a couple of chairs can comfortably seat five or six. Built-in corner seating makes the most of every inch and can also incorporate storage for lesser-used items. Decorate with attractive cushions and padded seats, and family will be clamouring to sit there!

Cosy and multifunctional:

Even in the smallest kitchens, a cleverly designed banquette can work well and be inviting for friends and family. Not only a useful space for informal dining, but it can also double up as the perfect space for homework or hobbies. Small seating areas can be upholstered in a material to match the colour of units or colour on walls, alternatively cover in practical fabrics such as faux leathers or washable suede which are not only hard-wearing but also very comfortable.

Brighten with booth seating:

Why not recreate an American-diner or trendy bar style by installing booth seating. Very popular currently, this design is a great option if you have a long galley kitchen as you can fix the seating up against a wall so there is more room to walk along the aisle. Not only does booth seating tend to save space, but it’s also comfortable thanks to both padded seats and backs and, if covered in faux leather or similar material, is easy to keep clean. Choose strong vibrant colours for maximum impact.

30th May 2022