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Interior Trends for 2022 – Part 1

Colour and the New Neutrals: Interior design in 2022 will be dominated by colour and there is lots of it, bringing vibrancy and energy into our homes.

Grey, even though still strong, will no longer dominate as warmer neutrals move in, providing a restful platform for a broader immersion into colour, ultimately helping us connect with nature.

Sandy shades are back and at the helm of the new neutrals. Think canvas, wool, hemp, and oatmeal, paired with natural materials such as grass cloth, cork, sculpted rattan and wood.

Colour is back in our lives in many ways from bold colour zoning, painted wooden furniture and accessories such as lighting, colour pop door handles and flamingo pink taps. Rugs have statement designs with striking shades whilst seating is unapologetically flamboyant and bright.

This love of colour is also transported into the heart of the home - kitchens are no longer confined to neutrals, blues or greens There is a move to introduce a broader colour palette in this space with colourful stoves and Agas, painted walls, accessories and splashbacks, like the Laura Ashley Copper splashback.

Kitchen designers are introducing multiple shades to cabinets, differentiating from high- and low-level furniture and kitchen islands. For a more confident look, coloured cabinets are alternated in shade, creating a modern and a playful space.

Persuasive patterns:

As we move on a journey of self-discovery, propelled by a maturing confidence in our design choices, embracing pattern alongside a growing love affair of colour is creating a perfect storm. Whether it be non-formal pattern, floral form or geometric form, pattern has many guises and is set to be big as we turn our backs on all things austere.

Whether retro, traditional or modern in feel, simple and orderly or bold and chaotic, there is no doubt that print and pattern plays a major part within interiors for 2022. Led by the explosion of creatively designed wallpapers and murals, pattern is now a familiar look throughout the home on blinds, cushions, tableware, splashbacks, and tiling.

Fluted Finishes:

From glass doors to wooden furniture, fluted finishes are set to be everywhere. Taking inspiration from the 1920s, fluting is a popular choice appearing on light shades, table lamps, wooden walls, furniture, and kitchen cabinets. This beautiful uniform linear texture gives an interior space an added dimension and packs a visual punch while adding a delicate and soothing flurry of texture with an accessory or accent piece.

13th Dec 2021