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Top Tips On Selecting The Ideal Oven

Buying a new oven demands serious attention to every aspect of making what is a high value purchase. It is not simply a question of deciding on the appliance that looks the smartest or has all the latest bells and whistles imaginable. Some bigger issues need to be addressed, in addition to a little background research into which oven is going to give you good service and value for money over the years.

It`s not just a question of cost, although this is important, but also a question of which oven suits your lifestyle. You might have decided that you want to replace like for like, but consider that fabulous country-style oven that caught your attention in the show room - it`s possible that it will provide you with more flexibility than your old oven. Choosing your new oven becomes easier if you take a few things into consideration before you part with your hard-earned cash. Remember that if you make a less than informed choice now, you could be stuck with the result of that choice for rather a long time.

In the first instance, is your oven to run on gas or electricity? Switching from one service to the other might not be financially viable or even possible. If you are re-fitting the kitchen in a new house, it might mean that you have to stick with the existing electric rather than your preferred choice of gas, since it`s possible that there is no physical provision for mains gas. Whilst gas is generally the cheaper of the two, electric is simple, clean and easy to use but it`s worth checking that you have the appropriate supply before making your purchase. The size of your oven will be guided by how much space you have and knowing the exact dimensions of this space is important, particularly if your kitchen is new or the space available is restricted in some way.

Ask yourself what kind of oven you are replacing and what you like and dislike about it. For example, in replacing a tired old double oven, think about whether or not a single oven would be enough for you now, particularly if your children have recently flown the nest. Does that high-level grill get in the way of lifting pans off the hob, or does getting down on the floor to safely lift a hot casserole dish out of the oven play havoc with your knees? Are you replacing a free-standing combined oven and hob with individual appliances? If you are, be aware of restrictions on the positioning of each item. For example, ensure that there will be adequate airflow at the back of gas and electric ovens to assist with cooling, or underneath induction hobs which usually have underside cooling fans that blow downwards.
Another consideration is what type of cooking you enjoy. Some dishes or styles of cooking turn out better in gas ovens than in electric ones. Baking the family`s secret recipe celebration cake may well require some adjustment to timings and temperature if baked in a fan assisted appliance, rather than in your old gas oven. And don`t forget your cookware; will that heirloom baking dish fit in the new oven?

It is worth spending time reading the small print in the manufacture`s warranty that comes with your new oven. Is the appliance as a whole covered for the same length of time, or do the various components have different time scales based on where you purchase the oven from? Look for the best value and understand the scope of the warranty overall, so that there will be no nasty surprises in the future.

It pays to purchase the best that you can afford, so plan your budget carefully. Once you have that in mind, choosing your new oven will be easier; and the choice is huge, complete with a range of features covering everything from pyrolytic (super high temperature) self cleaning, telescopic oven shelf rails and slide-away doors - a real boon where space is at a premium. With so much to choose from, be it traditional, classical, or contemporary in style, there is a finish and even a colour to complement your overall kitchen design.

Why not visit cookers and ovens to get some ideas. Make sure your new oven ticks all the boxes that are important to you and you will enjoy it for many years to come.

5th Jul 2016