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What’s your preferred kitchen style?

You’ve made the big decision. Time to refurbish, remodel or renovate your kitchen. In terms of home improvement, the kitchen is often considered one of the costliest projects albeit one of the most rewarding. Getting it right first time is key. There are so many decisions to make from layout, flow and appliances to worktops, unit and tap design!

The ultimate, and probably first decision, however, is style. Have you always longed for a country-style kitchen with a rustic feel or is contemporary minimalism more appealing? Although there are numerous styles to choose from, you may want to consider how well the new kitchen will blend in with the rest of your home, general home décor and surroundings.

Below are the main styles for consideration:

Rustic Country:

The kitchen is always at the heart of any country home. The place where family and friends gather, the baking is done, jams and chutneys are made. However, rustic country style doesn’t have to be stuck in the past. Darker colour palettes for either walls or units can help create a cosy kitchen. Painting furniture – both new and vintage, fitted and unfitted – gives a sense of a space that has been added to over the years. Classic shaker-style units and furniture work well together with open shelving, a reclaimed dresser, and an authentic wooden farmhouse table. A lived-in feel is key to achieving the rustic country style.


A more modern, contemporary kitchen is recognisable thanks to its sleek, clean design. With their stream-lined appearance and fuss-free finish, handleless cabinet doors and drawers are favoured as are built-in appliances, often hidden behind closed doors when not in use. To prevent a clinical feel, add a combination of materials such as stone, wood, concrete, and glass for warmth. Minimalism is key. With no place for clutter, it is important to incorporate plenty of storage throughout the design. A clutter-free environment also makes for easy maintenance – easy to keep tidy, easy to wipe clean.


Designed to stand the test of time, a traditional kitchen will suit many types of homes by simply blending in sympathetically with a property’s architecture – whether converted barn, Victorian terrace, or Georgian town house. Craftsmanship is key to creating a truly classic, traditional kitchen. The use of timbers such as oak, teak and walnut are key and usually form the heart of any traditional design. In-frame cabinetry such as cupboards, dressers, pantries, and larders in natural or painted wood are key to this style. Colour-wise, classic, understated colours, often inspired by great historic houses, work best.


If the industrial style has always appealed, your inspiration has naturally come from the rough looks of old factories and urban spaces. Often converted into lofts and warehouse style apartments the starting point for this style is a mix of exposed brick work, pipework, metal frames, steel girders and bare lighting. In terms of look for a kitchen, the industrial style is hard-wearing and practical making use of well-worn surfaces and utilitarian design. Incorporate an exposed brick feature wall, stainless steel work surfaces, a concrete island and bare wood or terracotta tiles for flooring.

And finally,

Contemporary classic:

As it sounds this style is all about taking the traditional look and updating it with modern touches. For example, take the classic, well-recognised and admired shaker style unit and add more contemporary accessories, colours, or worktops. Adding brushed brass or gunmetal handles and taps, provides a very different look and feel. Alternatively, add a classic range oven or butlers sink to sleek handleless cabinets which are more at home in a contemporary styled kitchen and you’ve immediately created a softer, more eclectic look which is ideal if you love to express your creativity and individuality.

What’s your preferred kitchen style?

18th Apr 2022