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2017 Kitchen Design Trends

With the start of a new year, there comes an abundance of new trends to get excited about. Here are our top kitchen design trends to look out for in 2017…


This 1980s favourite is making a comeback this year. Rather than a solid wall of floor of terracotta, this time around the trend is for feature walls with a matte finish. It’s a great way to bring a little warmth to your kitchen.

(Photo: Villa Mammerhills)


Replacing the pretty pastel shades that dominated the market in 2016, metallic are the new top trend for kitchen accessories. Think cool, crisp tones in particular such as silver and metals.

(Photo: Megan Winters Interiors)

Tuxedo Cabinets

Who said all of your cabinets had to be the same colour? Mix it up with two complementary shades. Tuxedo cabinets are where your lower kitchen cabinets are darker, in contrast to lighter top cabinets and shelves. Opt for a classic monochrome combination or experiment with other subtle shades such as deep blues and grey hues for a modern twist.


Multi-material Surfaces

As with tuxedo cabinets, 2017 is all about the unexpected when it comes to design. From work tops to appliances, search for surfaces with varying finishes and textures such as marble, stainless steel and gold, to add depth and dimension to your kitchen design scheme.

(Photo: HGTV)


Grey kitchens rose in popularity in 2016 and this year, they’re ready to cement their status as the new white. From dark grey contemporary styles to super-soft grey-hued shakers, you’re sure to find a kitchen in a shade of grey to suit your taste. Find more inspiration on 2017’s kitchen trends on our Pinterest board.

(Wickes Milton Grey Kitchen)

Now you know the trends to watch out for, browse the latest kitchens from the top UK retailers (and most importantly, compare their prices!). 5th Dec 2017