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5 of the hottest interior kitchen trends for Spring/Summer 2019

Following the latest trends can be tempting. However, kitchens can be the singular most expensive home improvement project whether starting from scratch or updating a current kitchen. Therefore, it’s important that any long-term investment stands the test of time and doesn’t simply reflect the trend of any given season – after all, it’s the one room in the house which is used day in day out several times a day!

That said, there’s no reason why you can’t bring on-trend touches into your kitchen in exactly the same way you might in your lounge or bedroom – choosing to introduce accessories that can be easily replaced months down the line.

With spring well and truly here and summer on its way, here are 5 of the hottest interior trends to take note of:

70s Scandi: A pared-back look with simple lines and a cheery colour palette, 70s Scandi can be incorporated using an earthy colour palette, geometric prints and natural materials. Macrame planters are popular, complemented by rich accent colours and statement lighting – the “less is more” philosophy.

Sustainable materials:
Look out for sustainable designs and innovative materials which are driving repurposed and bio alternatives in the kitchen. The use of recycled materials such as wood, plastic foil made from recycled PET bottles, brass taps, and in particular, cork – materials that are biodegradable with strong eco credentials.

Mustard hues have been popular for a while and the trend continues. Either incorporate through small pops of colour - kitchen textiles, crockery, vases or, take it up a notch with a move towards a bolder investment in mustard – a feature wall or splashback perhaps? A versatile shade that works well with pink, teal and indigo blue as well as crisp white if you’re looking to create more of a fresh look.

Open Shelving:
Instead of hiding everything away, it’s very much about having your items on show. Invest in Kilner jars of varying heights for pasta, oats, dried fruit etc. Clear wall space is becoming a popular choice – even in smaller spaces, base units remain key whilst walls remain open and bright to add shelving in wood, metal, and other styles to act as a design accent to the main scheme.

Raw and Unfinished:
Moving away from “disposable” designs, the use of well-made items with an unfinished look that will stand the test of time is currently very much on-trend. Opt for classic unfinished designs of tables, chairs, stools or even kitchen shutters on windows or cabinet doors - celebrating raw materials in their natural beauty.

27th Mar 2019