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5 Signs it’s time for a New Kitchen

Not sure if it’s time to think about getting a new kitchen? Do you think you could get away with a fresh lick of paint rather than a full refit? Take a look at our top five signs it’s time for a new kitchen to help you figure out where you stand.

Chopping boards are a thing of the past

Remember how nervous you used to be about scratching your work surfaces? If you’ve become so used to the chips and scratches that the thought of chopping vegetables straight on the worktop doesn’t faze you, it’s probably time for an upgrade…

There’s always a problem

If barely a week goes by without the washing machine leaking or the microwave going kaput, you’re long overdue a replacement.

Your cupboard doors have seen better days

If you can’t remember the last time your cupboard doors were straight or if they’re missing handles… or just missing full stop, it’s definitely time for a refresh.

You’ve started calling your kitchen retro

Whatever label you’re choosing, it’s unlikely that “vintage” kitchen is going to come back into fashion. Unlike clothes, cars and furniture people don’t seem so fond of collecting old-school kitchens! Don’t live in denial; start your quest for a kitchen you’re proud to show off.

You have kitchen envy

And not just the kind where you admire your friend’s new spiralizer or paint refresh. If you’re positively green with envy every time you watch a home improvement show or you’re so consumed with jealousy over your friends’ kitchens you can think of little else when you visit, it’s definitely time to treat yourself to a new one of your own!

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7th Nov 2017