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Inspiration for your kitchen island

With the move towards larger broken plan downstairs living over the last 12 months, it is hardly surprising that a kitchen island has been high on the list of demands. With so many varied activities taking place every day at home during lockdown, the kitchen island has become more important than ever.

Previously islands were considered the focal point in a kitchen supplementing worktops and providing an extra cooking or food preparation space as well as an area to socialize. While these requirements are still key, kitchen islands have now also become places to sit and home school, a makeshift office, a place to link up virtually with colleagues during the day and friends and family at night, even a place to enjoy a newfound hobby. Kitchen islands are working harder than ever!

So, if you have decided to incorporate an island unit into your kitchen layout, what are the key things to consider? Firstly, size. Make sure you measure your floor space accurately so that the island unit will fit comfortably. Do not forget to allow plenty of space for seating if you’ve decided to make that a feature of your design – not only when the seats are tucked under the surface but also ensure that there is plenty of space to move seats out and to manoeuvre your way around to access the rest of the kitchen. If you are struggling for space a couple of bar stools will fit well under any overlap. Space no issue, then how about a dual level island with integrated lower-level seating at the opposite end to the preparation area.

Islands are a great way to add storage space in a kitchen. Deep cupboards either side of a central island are perfect for the larger appliances such as mixers, bread makers and slow cookers. Alternatively, open shelves work well for housing cookery books or displaying favourite crockery or accessories. If open shelving doesn’t appeal, baskets are a good way to keep everything in its place while keeping surfaces clutter free.

One way to save space in a smaller kitchen is to incorporate a sink within the island worktop; freeing up space for additional wall space elsewhere. An extra fridge or wine chiller can also be built into the base of an island – an ideal way to keep the extras close to hand.

With multiple family members demanding space at the island, it is vital to include plenty of sockets and USP points to power up the myriad of devices – either built in or pop-up. Not only are these useful for charging phones, tablets, and laptops but they are also handy for plugging in smaller, regularly used appliances such as mixers, blenders, and food processors.

Finally, make your island even more of feature with stunning lighting. Pendant lights hanging overhead are best suited. Not only do they look striking, drawing the eye to your statement island, but they are also excellent at providing strong downward lighting – perfect for work, prep, rest, and play!

18th Jan 2021