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Can social media help with your kitchen project?

Technology and social media continue to advance at a pace. While having access to so many different platforms can seem overwhelming at times, there are many advantages which can be hugely beneficial when it comes to renovating or refurbishing your kitchen.

Research shows that most of us spend a few months gathering and looking for inspiration prior to starting a project. The most common sources of inspiration continue to be home interest magazines, retailer brochures, visits to showrooms and talking to friends and looking at their kitchens.

However, more and more, homeowners are turning to online sources for design ideas, latest products and expert advice. It can be very easy to feel swamped by the number of sources available and likewise, it can get a little disheartening if you feel your house could never live up to the projects showcased online – nevertheless, nothing beats up-to-the-minute inspiration which can be found courtesy of a quick press of a button, swipe or click!

Below are 5 top tips to getting the most out of social media for your kitchen project:

Careful use of hashtags#

To find what you are interested in on Instagram, it’s a good idea to start using and following relevant hashtags. For general house inspiration start with established interiors ones such as #interiordesign or #renovationprojects and then start looking for more specific descriptor hashtags according to what you are looking for ideas on, for example, #shakerkitchens, #whiteglosscabinets, #industrialkitchen – these should result in finding kitchens that really inspire and you can then save any pictures you like.

Find and follow accounts you like

Spend a little time finding the right people and/or companies to follow who will inspire and interest you. They will provide you with plenty of ideas that you can make your own. If you are interested in a shaker kitchen, it’s great to find individuals who are doing a similar thing or companies who focus on shaker-style kitchens, try for example @shakerandmaykitchens. Some accounts focus on their personal stories
so if you want to be inspired by those completing a renovation project, try for example @victoria_road_restoration

Create a gallery of images

Once you’ve started using hashtags and following a few people or companies, start saving your favourite images into collections that you can return to time and time again. You can screenshot photos you like and use the Layout app on your phone to make moodboards. Pinterest is another great source for images and for creating your own moodboards which are then easy to share with friends and family.

Use Facebook for recommendations

When looking for local advice, Facebook is a particularly good source to get first-hand referrals for everyone from installers to carpenters. Ask local groups that you trust to recommend showrooms with excellent customer service, electricians, even delivery drivers – very helpful if managing the kitchen project yourself.

Search for your favourite brands

We all have our favourite brands, retailers and magazines that we trust and feel comfortable with. It’s worth remembering that these too will generally have a good presence on social media – being active on Pinterest and Instagram – so have a good look at their accounts and boards too.

4th Nov 2019