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Don't forget the floor

Research shows that in the UK kitchens are replaced or refurbished on average every 12 years. It is generally the singular most expensive home improvement project we undertake and most homeowners spend a fair amount of time looking for inspiration online, in showrooms and in magazines and brochures before committing to a new kitchen.

The main focus of a new kitchen tends to be on the layout, style, and design of the kitchen units and the appliances themselves. Choosing the kitchen floor however is one of the most important aspects of the overall design and yet the decision is often left to last.

There are many ways to cover a kitchen floor and it can be quite daunting with so many options available. The key things to remember are that a kitchen floor needs to be hard wearing as it endures plenty of daily wear and tear, it needs to be easy to keep clean and of course, look good! Don’t forget that your kitchen will most certainly have an effect on the value of your property too so choosing an attractive and appealing floor is really important.

Your flooring should work well with the rest of your kitchen, so take the look and material of your kitchen units into consideration when making your final choice. Materials such as durable laminate and porcelain tiles will look stylish in modern kitchens while natural stone tiles and warm wood suit more traditional styles. Quality porcelain or natural stone tiles laid by a skilled installer should last for a very long time. A much more contemporary flooring is polished concrete which provides a far more industrial edgy look and feel.

The flooring you decide upon should either coordinate with or provide a contrast against the rest of your kitchen. To coordinate, go for materials in the same finish (matt or gloss) and match the colours as closely as possible. For contrast choose different finishes in the same colour or different colours in the same finish.

If budget allows, think carefully about underfloor heating in the kitchen. Creating warmth underfoot, especially in the colder months is a real luxury. Installing underfloor heating in the kitchen is a great way to create more wall space and to achieve the current sought after minimalist look.

Whatever you choose, kitchens are a long-term investment so make sure you won’t tire of the finish or colour you finally decide upon.

8th Apr 2019